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Doménico Chiappe

Image of Doménico Chiappe

Doménico Chiappe (Lima, 1970) is a writer and multimedia author.  He has published the nonfiction book Tan real como la ficción: herramientas narrativas en periodismo (Laertes, 2010); the novel Entrevista a Mailer Daemon (La Fábrica, 2007); the book of short stories Párrafos Sueltos (UCM, 2003; Musa a las 9, 2011); and the multimedia work Tierra de extracción (Land of Extraction), which has been selected in 2011 by the Electronic Literature Organization for its anthology ELC2 as one of the best works of multimedia literature in a foreign language.  He grew up in Venezuela, where he worked as a journalist, and has lived in Madrid since 2002.

photo by Lisbeth Salas

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