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— 2018 Whiting Literary Magazine Prize Citation


Dragan Aleksić

Dragan Aleksić (1901–64) was a Yugoslav poet, journalist, and filmmaker, as well as the initiator of Yugoslav Dada. He contributed articles about Dada to the Yugoslav avant-garde journal Zenit until 1922, when he published his own journals, Dada-Tank and Dada Jazz. Dada-Tank featured poems by Tristan Tzara and Kurt Schwitters, and an excerpt from Huelsenbeck’s introduction of Dada Almanach, all of which Aleksić translated into Serbo-Croatian. He was in contact with leading European Dadaists, as well as with the founding members of the Czech avant-garde group Devĕtsil, Karel Teige, and Jaroslav Seifert. He established a “purebred troop” of Dadaists, intending to develop the group into a movement, and performed at Dadaist manifestations in Osijek, Vinkovci, and Subotica. Aleksić published Dadaist texts up to 1928 and actively collaborated with the domestic and international journals Ut (Novi Sad), MA (Vienna), Hypnos, Black on White, Eternity, and 50 in Europe (Belgrade). In 1924 Aleksić helped Boško Tokin to direct Kačaci on Topčider or So Help Us God, an unfinished and lost avant-garde film burlesque in two acts based on the screenplay by writer Branimir Cosić. 

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