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Dubravka Ugrešic

Image of Dubravka Ugrešic

Dubravka Ugrešic was born in the former Yugoslavia (Croatia). She is a novelist, essayist, and literary scholar. Her publications include the novels The Museum of Unconditional Surrender (New Directions), Fording the Stream of Consciousness (Northwestern University Press), and the short story collections In the Jaws of Life and Other Stories (part of the forthcoming Lend Me Your Character, to be published by Dalkey Archive Press); and the essay collections Thank You For Not Reading (Dalkey Archive Press), The Culture of Lies and Have A Nice Day. Ministry of Pain is her most recent novel (to be published in September 2005 in the UK by Saqi; US rights available).


Her books have been translated into over twenty languages. She has received several international awards, including the Italian Premio Feronia 2004 (previously awarded to Saramago, Coetzee, Grass, Kadare, and Gordimer); the German "Heinrich Mann" Award and the SWF-Bestenliste Literaturpreis; the Austrian Osterreichischen Staatspreis fur Europaische Literatur, the Dutch Verzetsprijs, and the Swiss Prix Europeen de l'Essai "Charles Veillon."

She lives in Amsterdam and often teaches at American universities. For further information please see Ugrešic.

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