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Empar Moliner

Image of Empar Moliner

Empar Moliner has been a contributor to many media outlets such as Catalunya Ràdio, the newspaper El País, and television programs. Her writing for the press, done with the same corrosive style as her short stories, are collected in two anthologies, Wanted: Gentleman For Friendship and Maybe More (2005), forty stories that gather tales as diverse as the view of a fortune teller who uses cards to find out the fate of the Catalan language, the journey to a convent rented out by maids from South America, and the happening at a lunch in a dining hall for the poor. The other anthology, Do You Want to Save Changes? (2006), is a collection of her best articles, part reportage part narration, in which Moliner's scrupulous eye travels with a vital happiness overcome by neither adversity nor absurdity, and with the belief that the best spell to cure misfortune is humor. In 2000 Moliner won the Josep Pla Prize for Feli, esthéticienne, a novel about desire and in 2004 won the Lletra d'Or for I love You When I'm Tipsy, thirteen stories or thirteen portraits, some comedic some bitter, that deal with modern life and are written with a rigorous, unashamed style that critics have qualified as íturbulent, brazen and full of wit.' All of her work has been published by Quaderns Crema.

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