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Enrique Prochazka

Enrique Prochazka (Lima, 1960) is a short-story writer, poet, expert on education and public policy, and one of the the founders of the practice of adventure sports in Peru. He studied philosophy and anthropology at Pontificia Universidad Católic del Perú and archietecture at Universidad Particular Ricardo Palma. He has been president of the Peruvian Federation for the Andean Winter Sports (2002-2005), founder and the first president of the Lima Mountainclimbing League (1996-2001), secretary of the Department of Strategic Planning at the Peruvian Ministry of Education (2003-2006), an advisor to the National Council of Sport (2006), and secretary-general of the Ministry of the Interior (2006). He has sat on the jury of the National Film Competition organized by Conacine in 1998, 2005, and 2006. A writer who has succeeded in many genres but has not achieved celebrity, he is considered a sort of cult writer in Peru. He earned first place in the 1990 Caretas Short-Story Contest for stories under a thousand words and has received honorable mention for various other national prizes. His articles and short stories have appeared in many anthologies of contemporary Latin American writing. He lives in Stockholm, where he raises his kids, runs, climbs, rides mountain-bikes, and works as an education consultant.

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