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Estevão Azevedo

Estevão Azevedo was born in Natal (Rio Grande do Norte) and lives in São Paulo. An editor, he received a graduate degree in Brazilian literature from the University of São Paulo. In 2005, he published the short-story collection O som de nada acontecendo [The Sound of Nothing Happening] (Edições K). His first novel, Nunca o nome do menino [Never the Boy’s Name] (Terceiro Nome, 2008; Record, 2016), was a finalist for the São Paulo Award for Literature in 2009. He has published short stories in various literary magazines and in the anthology of Brazilian writers Popcorn unterm Zuckerhut—Junge brasilianische literature, published in Germany in 2013. Tempo de espalhar pedras [A Time to Cast Away Stones], published in 2014, won the São Paulo Award for Literature, became a finalist for the Oceanos Award, and was released in Italy in 2016 as Tempo di spargere pietre.

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