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Esther Mujawayo

Esther Mujawayo, a therapist and activist, lost almost all of her immediate family during the Rwandan genocide, including her parents, most of her siblings, and her husband, Innocent.  Working with journalist Souâd Belhaddad, she has published two books of testimony. SurVivantes (which literally translates as Women Survivors) explores the psychological effects of trauma on genocide survivors, particularly the experience of widows in Rwanda.  In La fleur de Stéphanie: Rwanda entre réconciliation et déni (Stéphanie's Flower: Rwanda Between Reconciliation and Denial) she recounts her efforts to find the bodies of her family members, especially that of her beloved sister, Stéphanie.  Mujawayo is a cofounder of AVEGA (Association of Widows of April's Genocide), which provides psychological and material support to widows who are survivors of the Tutsi genocide. She currently lives in Germany with her husband and three daughters. 

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