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Fatih Özgüven

Fatih Özgüven teaches film theory and writes film and literary reviews for a number of periodicals and newspapers. His books include a novel, Esrarengiz Bay Kartaloğlu (Mysterious Mr. Kartaloğlu), a collection of essays, Yerüstünden Notlar (Notes from the Overground), and two books of short stories, Bir Şey Oldu (Something Happens) and Hiç Niyetim Yoktu (I Never Meant To). Özgüven is also a prolific translator, and has translated Borges, Nabokov, Henry James, Karen Blixen, Thomas Mann, Thomas Bernhard, Paul Auster, Jonathan Ames, Flannery O'Connor, Virginia Woolf and Brett Easton Ellis. Özgüven lives in Istanbul.

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