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Fatima Yousef al-Ali

Fatima Yousef al-Ali, a Kuwaiti author, was born in 1953. Her thesis at Cairo University dealt with Kuwaiti women and the short story. She has published, in Arabic, a novel, Wujuh fi-l-Ziham [Faces in the Crowd] and several collections of short stories, including Wajhuha Watan [Her Face is a Nation], Ta’ Marbuta [A Feminine Ending], and Dima’ Ala-l-Qamar [Blood on the Moon], the last of which is devoted to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. An English translation of her story “"To Sleep"” appeared in Shahrazad’s Sisters; Shahrayar’s Brothers: An Anthology of Arabic Literature Since 1953 (Paintbrush, 2002). A collection of her short stories has appeared in Iran in Farsi as Asaye Abnus [The Ebony Stick](Tehran: Nashr Thalath, 2003).

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