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Fatimah Busu

Image of Fatimah Busu

Fatimah Busu is an award-winning Malaysian novelist, short-story writer, and academic from Kelantan. Her first novel, Ombak Bukan Biru, was published in 1977. Fatimah’s other notable works include Salam Maria (2004) and Kepulangan (1980). She has written numerous short stories including the award-winning “Mawar Yang Belum Gugur” (1971) and “Anak-anak dari Kampung Pasir Pekan” (1975). Fatimah is also the recipient of various literary awards including the Kelantan State Laureate, 2015. Fatimah is considered a somewhat controversial figure by mainstream literary circles, for her strong views and acute portrayals of the inner contradictions of Malay society. Photo credit: George Town Literary Festival.

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