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Félix J. Palma

Félix J. Palma (Spain, 1968) has been recognized by the critics as one of today’s most brilliant and original writers and has received many literary awards. His first volume of stories, El vigilante de la salamandra (The Lizard's Keeper, 1998), demonstrated  his ability to introduce fantasy into the everyday. He is also the author of the short-story collections Métodos de supervivencia (Methods of Survival, 1999), Las interioridades (Interiors, 2002), Los arácnidos (The Arachnids, Cádiz Latin American Story Award, 2003), and El menor espectáculo del mundo (The World’s Smallest Show, 2010). He has published the novels La hormiga que quiso ser astronauta (The Ant That Wanted to Become an Astronaut, 2001), Las corrientes oceánicas (The Ocean Currents, winner of the 2005 Luis Berenguer Award for Novel), and El mapa del tiempo (The Map of Time, winner of the Ateneo de Sevilla Award 2008). His work has been translated into more than twenty-five languages. He has also worked as a columnist and literary critic and has conducted creative writing workshops.

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