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Firouz Nadji-Ghazvini

Image of Firouz Nadji-Ghazvini

Firouz Nadji-Ghazvini is a poet, journalist, and essayist living in political exile in Paris, where he works as a press photographer. The son of a military officer, Nadji-Ghazvini grew up in Tehran. Despite the censure of his works and the closing of his publishing house by the political police of the Shah, he was an active participant in Iranian cultural life, editing the literary pages of a newspaper and working with contemporary and historic museums while writing poetry. His modern style clashed with traditional Persian writing, and in the wake of Khomeini's rise Nadji-Ghazvini fled to France in 1985. His poems have been published in an anthology of Persian literature, and his latest novel will be published in French by Gallimard in fall 2003.

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