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Francisco Proaño Arandi

Francisco Proaño Arandi was born in Cuenca, Ecuador, in 1944. In 1982 he was awarded Segunda Mencion in the Plural Concurso Internacional de Cuentos in Mexico for his story íOposición a la Magia,ë and in 1984, the Jose Mejia Lequerica Premio Nacional del Municipio de Quito for his novel Antiguas Caras en el Espejo. He is the author of the following books: Poesías (Poetry, 1961), Historias de Disecadores (Stories, 1972), Antiguas Caras en el Espejo (Novel, 1984), Oposición a la Magia (Stories, 1986), La Doblez (Stories, 1986), Del Otro Lado de las Cosas (Novel, 1993), Cuentos: Antología (Story Anthology, 1995), Historias del País Fingido (Stories, 2003), La Razón y El Presagio (Novel, 2003), and Perfil Inacabado (Story Anthology, 2004). His short fiction has appeared in various anthologies in Ecuador, Germany, Cuba, Colombia, Spain, and Portugal. He has served as a diplomat representing the Embassy of Ecuador in Colombia (1972–73), the former U.S.S.R. (1973–77), Cuba (1980–84), Yugoslavia (1990–92), Nicaragua (1995–97), Costa Rica (1997–2000), El Salvador (2004–6), and Argentina (2006–Present).

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