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François Ayroles

François Ayroles was born in Paris in 1969 and lives and works in Bordeaux. After earning his BA, he spent a year in the college of art history at the Panthéon-Sorbonne and then studied cartooning at the École des Beaux-arts of Angoulême (1989-1992) workshop cartoon workshop of the School of Fine Arts of Angoulême (1989-1992). In 1994, the year of his first publication with the collection Regards Graphiques des éditions Autrement (Le retour de Dieu, 1994), he entered a regular working relationship with Les éditions L’Association, particularly in their magazine Lapin, and joined OuBaPo (Ouvroir de Bande dessinée Pontentielle). Since then he has published several books, and his work has appeared in numerous collections and periodicals in France and other countries. He is a frequent participant in exhibitions and is a member of L'Association's editorial board.

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