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Words Without Borders is one of the inaugural Whiting Literary Magazine Prize winners!


Fritz Glockner

Fritz Glockner studied History at the Universidad Autónoma in Puebla, Mexico, and has been an editor, a bookseller, and a promoter of culture and reading. In addition to teaching at various universities in both Mexico and the United States, he has published the following books: Un pueblo en campaña (1995), a journalistic chronicle of the 1994 Presidential campaign of Cuahetemoc Cárdenas; Veinte de cobre (1996), a novel centering on the armed movements in Mexico, a topic that has been little studied; Cementerio de papel (2004), a novel about the declassified documents of the Mexican secret police, and El barco de la ilusión (2006), a biographical novel about the Mexican comic actor Germán Valdéz, Tin-Tan. His last two novels have been made into movies. Glockner has also written for a variety of newspapers and magazines in both Mexico and Spain.

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