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Galina Rymbu

Image of Galina Rymbu

Galina Rymbu is a poetess, literary critic, translatress, journalist, curatrix, philosopher, and feminist. Born in Omsk, Russia, in 1990, she now lives in Lviv, Ukraine. She graduated from the Gorky Literary Institute in Moscow and also studied at the European University in St Petersburg. She edits an online journal dedicated to feminist literary theory, F-Pismo, and the poetry journal Greza. She is interested in poetry as a form of public speech and thought. Galina is also a researcher at the Free Russia Foundation. She curated a special project called Becoming Visible that is dedicated to gendered and domestic violence and discrimination against LGBTQ+ communities in Russia. Her poems have been translated into multiple European languages, including English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, and Greek. She has been published in journals including The New Literary Review (Russia), n+1, Arc Poetry, The White Review, and Berlin Quarterly. Her poetry collection White Bread was published in English by After Hours Ltd in 2016.

Photo credit: Alexey Kruchkovsky

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