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Ghazal Mosadeq

Ghazal Mosadeq is an award-winning writer and poet. She is the winner of the Bayhaqi Short Fiction Prize and was shortlisted for the Khorshid Poetry Prize. She has published three poetry collections, Dar Jame Ma (2010), Biographies (2015), and Supernatural Remedies for Fatal Seasickness (2018). Her poems and short stories have been published in anthologies and magazines in Iran, Canada, the UK, Portugal, and Greece. Actively involved in creating and promoting a dialogue between Persian and English literary traditions, she has embarked on translation from Persian to English and vice versa, and is involved in leading and producing creative writing workshops in Iran, the UK, and Canada. She is the editor of the Saan Literary Quarterly in Iran and a member of the jury for the Haft Eghlim Literary Award, as well as for the Jamalzadeh Award for Nonfiction.

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