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Harkaitz Cano

Image of Harkaitz Cano

Harkaitz Cano was born in San Sebastian in 1975. Among his books are the short-story collections Beti oporretan (Permanent Vacation, 2015)  and Neguko zirkua (Winter Circus, Spanish Critics Prize). He wrote Piano gainean gosaltzen (Breakfasting on the Piano), a chronicle born of the time he spent in New York before September 11, 2001. Also connected to his stay in this city is the poetry collection Norbait dabil sute-eskaileran (Somebody’s Out on the Fire Escape). His most celebrated book to date is Twist (2011), an ambitious novel with great psychological depth. Cano has taken part in a number of  performances combining literature with music, dance, and other arts, and regularly writes lyrics for many singers and groups, as well as scripts. 

Photograph © Sushi Maky

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