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Hernán Vanoli

Hernán Vanoli (b. 1980) holds a doctorate in sociology from the Universidad de Buenos Aires (with a dissertation on the operation of cultural capital in the small-press literary scene) and, in his own words, “lives off the academy.”  He is the author of one published novel (Pinamar, Interzona, 2010) and two collections of short stories (Castores, Random, 2013, and Varadero y Habana maravillosa, Caballo de Troya, 2011), mostly in the vein of “soft” science fiction focused on the human and environmental fallout of late capitalism.  He is a frequent contributor to Buenos Aires newspapers (Pagina /12 in particular), an acerbic blogger and Twitterer under the handle @Volquetero (“DumptruckDriver”), and a vocal critic of literary trends and scenes.

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