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Jeong Ho-Seung

Jeong Ho-Seung (born 1950) is probably Korea's most popular poet. His poetry collections are Seulpeumi gippeumege (Sorrow to Joy, 1979), Seoului yesu (Seoul's Jesus, 1982), Saebyeok pyeonji (Dawn Letter, 1987), Byeolteureun ttatteuthada (Stars Are Warm, 1990), Saranghadaga jugeobeoryeora (Love, Then Die, 1997), Oerounikka saramida (Human Because Lonely, 1998), Nunmuri namyeon gichareul tara (If Tears Flow, Take a Train, 1999), I jalbeun sigan dongan (During this Short Moment, 2004), Poong (Embrace, 2007), Bapgap (Rice-Price, 2010), and Yeohaeng (Journey, 2013). He has received the Seoul City Literary Award, the Jeong Ji-yong Literary Award, the Pyeonun Literary Award, the Sanghwa Poetry Award, and the Gongcho Literary Award.

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