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Horia Gârbea

Image of Horia Gârbea
Horia Gârbea was born on August 10, 1962 in Bucharest, Romania. Trained as a civil engineer, he obtained his PhD in 1999. He is a professor at the Environmental Engineering Faculty in Bucharest.
He has written many literary books, published after the Romanian Revolution of 1989. He has also written poems, short stories, two novels, criticism and fourteen plays. He has also translated into Romanian many plays by Jacques Copi, Pierre Corneille, S.I. Witkiewicz, Fernando Arrabal, A.P.Chekhov, Machiavelli, Dario Fo, Eduardo de Filippo, Tennessee Williams, Marivaux, Normand Chaurette, Arthur Kopit and others.
He has won many literary prizes including the Writers Union Award—The Book of the Year for Drama—1999 and The Romanian Academy Award for Drama in 2001. Many of his works have been translated into European languages (English, French, Hungarian, Serbian, German, Slovak and others) and also into Vietnamese.
He has published a lot of permanent columns for literary magazines and newspapers. He works for TV (sitcoms and entertainment shows). He is the President of the Writers Association of Bucharest, and has been part of the Writers Union of Romania since 2003. He is editor in chief of Luceafarul de Dimineaţă, a weekly literary magazine from Bucharest, and has a well-known column of criticism in the magazine Financial Week.  

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