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Ioan Es. Pop

Ioan Es. Pop was born March 27, 1958 in VÄ�rai, MaramureÅ� (in the northwest of Romania). His books include No Way Out of Hadesburg (Ieudul fÄ�rÄ� ieÅ�ire, 1994), Porky (Porcec, 1996), Pantelimon 113 bis (1999), and Party on the Crosswalk (Petrecere de pietoni, 2003). He has won prizes from the Romanian Writers’ Union, The Romanian Academy, ASPRO, and the Order of Merit from the Ministry of Culture.  No Way Out of Hadesburg, translated by Adam J. Sorkin with Lidia Vianu, is available from the University of Plymouth Press [UK]. Pop lives in Bucharest and works as editor in chief of the Sunday Newspaper (Ziarul de duminicÄ�) and also edits the  magazine Discover (DescoperÄ�).

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