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Jamal Khambar

Image of Jamal Khambar

Jamal Amin, known as Jamal Khambar, was born in Sulaimani in 1962.  He earned his law degree at the University of Baghdad in 1984 and was employed as a lawyer for eleven years in Kurdistan north of Iraq.  He migrated to Australia in 2002 and gained Australian citizenship in 2004.  He has organized and spoken at meetings about Iraqi law and poetry around the world, including Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Stockholm, Goteborg, Malme, Rotterdam, the Hague, and Copenhagen.  He has been employed in the sector of social security, the department of human services, in the Australian government.  Jamal is a member of the Kurdish Union of Writers, the Multicultural Writers Association of Australia, the Kurdistan Human Rights Organization, Amnesty International Australia, and the Kurdistan Bar Association.  He has published four collections of poetry and has translated four books into Kurdish, including a long interview with Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish.  He recently returned to the KRG to continue his activities in publishing and law. 

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