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Jamón y Queso

Ramón Esono Ebolé, who publishes his comics under the pseudonym Jamón y Queso, was born in Nkoa-Nen Yebekuan, Equatorial Guinea in 1977, just two years before current president Obiang Nguema overthrew his uncle Macías Nguema in a violent coup d'etat. He has exhibited his art around the world, in countries including Brazil, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, Mozambique, Paraguay, and the United States. His first book-length comic, Obi's Nightmare, is forthcoming in English from Phoneme Media in partnership with international rights organization Equatorial Guinea Justice. After having lived in Equatorial Guinea for his entire life, Esono Ebolé emigrated to Paraguay in 2011, where he is active as a political cartoonist and commentator in favor of a democratic Equatorial Guinea. His work has recently appeared in the Chimurenga Chronic and molossus

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