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Join us for The Queer Issue X: A Reading and Party! July 2, 6:30PM–8:30PM | Unnameable Books in Brooklyn, NY


Jeffrey M. Green

Jeffrey M. Green was born in New York City and attended Princeton and Harvard graduate school, ending up with a PhD in Comparative Literature. He moved to Israel with his wife and the first of their four children in 1973. After teaching at the Hebrew University and a high school, then working for the Jewish Agency, he became a freelance translator in 1979. He has had the privilege of translating major Hebrew writers such as Mendele, Gnessin, Hazaz, Agnon, Amalia Kahana-Carmon, Aharon Appelfeld, and Dan Tsalka. He has published two books in Hebrew and a book on translation with the University of Georgia Press, among other things.

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