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Julia Fiedorczuk

Image of Julia Fiedorczuk

Julia Fiedorczuk (b. 1975) is a Polish poet, prose writer, translator, and lecturer in American literature at the University of Warsaw. She has published five books of poetry, a collection of short stories, and two novels (including the Nike-nominated Nieważkość). She is the author, with Gerardo Beltrán, of a trilingual essay on poetry and ecology: "Ekopoetyka" / "Ecopoética" / "Ecopoetics") and a member of ASLE (Association for the Study of Language and the Environment). In her writings she explores the relationships between human beings and nonhuman nature, as well as the questions of identity, otherness, and ethical responsibility. Her work has been translated into nineteen languages. 

Photo: Radek Kobierski

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