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Lajos Parti Nagy

Lajos Parti Nagy (b. 1953) is a modern-day Kafka of the absurd. He is a freelance poet, short-story writer, essayist, playwright, and translator. He first attracted attention with the publication of three volumes of poetry and two volumes of prose that delighted readers and critics with their refreshingly new approach to language and their unique take on the world. Their blend of irony, satire and the surreal has gained Parti Nagy an ever-growing and devoted camp of followers, as well as a number of prestigious literary prizes including the Kossuth Prize. Along with his contemporary Péter Esterházy, who has also changed the face of post-modern literature, Lajos Parti Nagy is one of the most influential and prolific writers in Hungary today. Other works by the author include four volumes of poetry, a volume of short writings, several volumes of short stories and two plays, of which Jolán Sárbogárdi, the Angel of the Body, was translated into English by Judith Sollosy. His social and political satire, the novel Heroes Square, where the pigeons organize a takeover of Budapest—and by extension Hungary—is a wonderfully subtle commentary on the nature of dictatorship

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