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Lenin El-Ramly

Image of Lenin El-Ramly

Lenin El-Ramly was born in 1945. He is not only a playwright, but a writer for television and film, a producer of theater and film, and a company manager. His expressionism and his penchant for popular comedy present existentialist and sociopolitical questions to his audiences. His 1991 play Bel-Arabi El-Faseeh (In Plain Arabic), was an unprecedented satire of the time honored ideal of pan-Arabism. As a screenwriter, he received media attention, both at home and abroad, with his 1994 attack on Islamist militants in al-Erhabi (The Terrorist), a renewed version of his writing debut in 1967, that featured the legendary actor Adel Imam in its lead role. In October 2005, he won the Netherlands-based Prince Claus Award for Theatre. For more information, please check his personal website at:

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