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Luis Nuño

Luis Nuño was born in 1975 in Oviedo, Spain. In 2001 his story “El último mono” won a writing contest in Asturias called Cuentos Cortos, Cortos. In November 2009 he was named one of the ten finalists of the first Concurso Internacional de Microrelatos “Museo de la palabra.”  Nuño studied philosophy and has held jobs as a metal worker, waiter, journalist, advertising distributor, and scriptwriter for science museums, and currently works for a customs agency. He believes that although lacking in literary background his life has been constructed around the search for problems about which to write.

Nuño spent four years in Guatemala where he worked for an NGO as a social worker. During that time he traveled extensively through a Central America. Less than one year after returning to Spain he traveled to South America where he ended up living in Bogotá, Colombia, for two years. “And If You See that I Don’t Come Back” takes place in the historic Bogotá neighborhood of La Candelaria, although the author insists that the city in the story could be any city. 

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