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Luisa Castro

Luisa Castro is an award-winning author of numerous volumes of poetry, novels, and short fiction, most written in Spanish and some in Galician. While she has a prominent career as a fiction writer and has won several major awards, she is a towering figure in Spanish poetry, with a storied career that began in her teenage years and countless prestigious awards to her name. Her only full collection in Galician, Whales and Whales, first published in 1988, was recently republished in recognition of the groundbreaking role it, and she, have held in the world of Galician poetry. Castro was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to study film at NYU and Columbia, has served as a director for many years at the Instituto Cervantes in Naples and Bordeaux, and has been a frequent contributor to major Spanish and Galician newspapers such as ABC, El País, La Voz de Galicia, and El Mundo.  

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