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Mar Gómez Glez

Image of Mar Gómez Glez

Mar Gómez Glez is a Spanish writer novelist and playwright from Madrid who has lived in New York since 2006. Her work has received global recognition, including the 2011 Calderón de la Barca Theater Award for her play Numbers, the 2008 Arte Joven Latina Award for her story “Que viene el lobo,” and the 2007 Beckett Theater Award for her play Fuga mundi. She was playwright in residency in the Residencia de Estudiantes (Madrid, 2005–6) and in the International Residency of the Royal Court Theatre (London, 2009). She is the author of the novel Cambio de sentido (2010), currently being translated into English with the support of PEN American center; the children’s book Acebedario (2006); and numerous other plays and short stories. Her last show, Wearing Lorca’s Bowtie, was presented at the off-Broadway Duke Theater December 2011. She is pursuing a PhD and teaches language and literature classes at New York University.

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