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Mariana Marin

Mariana Marin (1956-2003) was born in Bucharest and graduated from The Faculty of Letters, University of Bucharest. She published the following collections of poems: Un razboi de o suta de ani (A Hundred Year War), 1981; Cinci (Five), a collective volume, 1982; Aripa secreta (The Secret Wing), 1986; Atelierele (The Workshops), 1991; Mutilarea artistului la tinerete (A Portrait of the Artist as a Mutilated Man), 1999; and Zestrea de aur (The Golden Heritage), 2002. Her works were translated into French, and she published poems in magazines and anthologies in Britain, Germany, the U.S., Sweden, Hungary, Russia, and Poland. She received the Romanian Writers Union Prize (1981 and 1999) and the ASPRO Prize (1999).

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