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Merit Ronald Kabugo

Image of Merit Ronald Kabugo

Dr. Merit Ronald Kabugo is a lecturer of linguistics, English language studies, and communication skills at Makerere University, Uganda. He teaches translation studies, pragmatics, and editing skills, among other courses in the areas of applied linguistics and discourse analysis.  Merit also does research in these subject areas. He offers translation, editing, proofreading and language consultancy services to the academic community, as well as to other national and international groups and organizations. He has translated, supervised and certified translation assignments for individuals, organizations and agencies, including Government Ministries and Departments, Security Organizations, Courts of Law, Hospitals, NGOs, Religious Organizations, Research Organizations, and individuals. Merit’s translation work covers a wide range of material including academic, legal, medical, religious, agricultural, audio-visual, commercial and ordinary types of discourse.

Merit is currently the official translator and language consultant for several organizations involved in HIV/AIDS research in Uganda, including Makerere University Walter Reed Project, the Rakai Health Sciences Program, the Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI), the Medical Research Council (MRC), IAVI, MJAP, and other research agencies like the Malaria Consortium, Africare Uganda, the Hunger Project, and ANPPCAN. In 2010, he served as a senior translator during the public hearings of the Commission of Inquiry into the burning of the Kasubi Royal Tombs UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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