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Mihály Kornis

Mihály Kornis (b. Mihály Kertész, 1949) is one of the most highly respected writers and dramatists in Hungary today. A man of the theater, he studied directing, then for several years taught literary analysis at the Budapest Academy for Film and Dramatic Arts. His works are characterized by the intense presence of the narrative voice, which comes from deep inside his characters. One of the best-known samizdat writers, his deep commitment to the dignity of the human being is evident in most of his works. He has published a dozen books, both fiction and nonfiction, five plays, and two political monodramas, Kádár János utolsó beszéde (The Last Speech of János Kádár, 2006), and Kádárné balladája(The Ballad of Mrs. Kádár, 1999), which offer Kornis’s take on the private fears, convictions and delusions of the last Communist ruler of Hungary and his wife. “The Toad Prince,” originally a short story, was later incorporated into his novel Egy csecsemő emlékiratai (The Diary of a Baby Boy, Kalligram, 2007). His earlier novel, Napkönyz (Daybook, Pesti Salon, 1994), is available in German. His latest, Nekem az ég (The Sky for Me, Kalligram, 2009), continues where The Diary of a Baby Boy left off. Mihály Kornis also holds regular readings of his works to packed houses.

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