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Join us for The Queer Issue X: A Reading and Party! July 2, 6:30PM–8:30PM | Unnameable Books in Brooklyn, NY


Mikhail Eremin

Image of Mikhail Eremin

Mikhail Eremin has lived in St. Petersburg since before WW II, writing and publishing very sparsely for over a half-century in a peculiar kind of highly respected anonymity, his work having the reputation of being one of the most hermetically “difficult” in all of Russian poetry. He was awarded the prestigious Andrei Bely Prize for poetry in 1998 and, in the fall of 2014, a residency at the American Academy in Rome by the Joseph Brodsky Memorial Fellowship Fund. His oeuvre, consisting entirely of eight-line “free verse,” has been issued by Pushkinskiy Fond in six volumes (so far) each one modestly titled Poems. [Image: Nikolai Simonovsky]

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