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Milagros Socorro

Milagros Socorro (Maracaibo, 1960) is a journalist and fiction writer, renowned in Venezuela for her interviews, a genre in which she excels. She won the National Journalism Award in 1999, and currently runs a weekly column in El Nacional. She brings to her stories and novels the precision of her honed journalistic skills and a heightened sensibility to women’s issues, as well as an intimate knowledge of the complex realities of Zulia, the powerhouse of Venezuela’s oil industry and home to one of the largest ethnic groups in this country. She has published short stories (Actos de salvajismo, Mondadori, 1997; Cuentos guajiros, Alfaguara, 2012) and one short novel, El abrazo del tamarindo (Alfaguara, 2008). She also writes children’s books. She lives in Caracas.

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