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Milena Solot

Image of Milena Solot

Milena Solot Rubio was born in Mexico City and now lives in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato. She has published works in the magazines Suelta, Big-Sur, El Búho, Siempre, and Luna Zeta, Bicalú. She has taken part in creative writing workshops with Antonio Villanova, Román Luján, Luis Alberto Arrellano, and Eduardo Antonio Parra, and in 2014 received a Young Creators’ grant from the Queretano Institute for Culture and the Arts. Her first manuscript, A Possible Place, attempts to raise a number of questions in relation to identity and the deeply politicized environment of her country of birth. The novel also explores alternative narrative forms, incorporating a variety of voices and viewpoints. She is presently working on a second novel, El Mundo Ilusionado (The World of Illusion), a satire with a female protagonist, set between Mexico City and Paris in the 1930s.

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