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Miren Agur Meabe

Image of Miren Agur Meabe

Miren Agur Meabe (Lekeitio, 1962), holds degrees in teaching and Basque philology. She worked as a teacher in the Kirkiño Basque school in Bilbao and as a publisher in Giltza for many years. She writes literature for children and for adults, both poetry and prose. Her prizes include the 2001 and 2011 Critic’s Poetry Awards for Azalaren kodea and Bitsa eskuetan, and the 2002, 2006, and 2011 Euskadi Prizes for her three young adult novels, Itsaslabarreko etxea, Urtebete itsasargian, and Errepidea. Her book Mila magnolia-lore is on the 2012 International Board on Books Honour’s List. Her latest work, Kristalezko begi bat, received the 2013 Beterriko Liburua Award and the 2013 Zazpi Kale Prize, and was published in English as A Glass Eye in 2017. Some of the honorary awards she has received are the Lauaxeta Prize (2007), the Rosalia de Castro Prize (2012) and the Deia-Hemendik Prize (2015). Her writings have been translated into several languages, and into Braille. She has been a member of the Basque Academy of Letters since 2006.

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