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Mohamed Imran Mohamed Taib

Mohamed Imran Mohamed Taib is an interfaith and multiculturalism expert and has delivered talks and conducted various related events in Singapore and the region. He is also an active member of The Reading Group and founding member of Leftwrite Center, a dialogue initiative and discussion platform for young professionals. A graduate in philosophy, he writes regularly on issues of religion, society, and multiculturalism, and has published in local newspapers such as The Straits Times, Today, and Berita Harian. He was chief editor of the regional Malay socioreligious journal Tafkir (2009), and has co-edited and published two books: Islam, Religion and Progress: Critical Perspectives (2006) and Moral Vision and Social Critique: Selected Essays of Syed Hussein Alatas (2007). He currently works as a researcher on interreligious issues. 

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