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Mohamed Magani

Image of Mohamed Magani

Mohamed Magani, born in El Attaf, Algeria, is a novelist and essayist. He is the author of sixteen books in French, including La Faille du ciel, which won the Grand Prix Littéraire International de la Ville d’Alger; Esthétique de boucher; Un Temps berlinois; Le Refuge des ruines; Une Guerre se meurt; Scène de pêche en Algérie; La Fenêtre rouge; Rue des perplexes, which won the 2014 Prix Coup de Cœur de l’Escale littéraire de la Ville d’Alger Prize; Quand passent les âmes errantes, which received a 2016 Mention spéciale du Prix Maghreb/Méditerrrannée; and L’Année miraculeuse, as well as a forthcoming novel, Un Étrange chagrin. He has also published two short story collections in English, An Icelandic Dream and Please Pardon Our Appearance. From 1995 to 2000 he was “writer in exile” and  “writer-in-residence” in Berlin at the invitation of the International Parliament of Writers and the city of Berlin. He is a former Board member of PEN International. His works have been translated into German, Italian, Spanish, English, and other languages. He lives in Algiers and teaches at the university.

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