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Mohammad Algharbi Amran

Born in 1958, Mohammed Algharbi Amran is a Yemeni novelist, short-story writer, contemporary history buff, and literary critic.  He has been active in literary societies, serving as a member in the Yemeni Union of Authors and Writers and the Union of Arab Authors and Writers.  His leadership roles have included serving for three consecutive terms as a member of the General Secretariat of the Yemeni Union of Authors and Writers, from 1999 until the present, President of the Short Story Club, Secretary General of Yemeni Parliamentarians, and President of the Center for Dialogue on the Rights of Man.  He is also a member of a number of republican organizations.

His novel al-Mashaf al-Ahmar was published in Beirut in 2010, with a second printing issued in 2011.  His novel Zulmat Allah (God’s Tyranny) is in press.  His short-story collections include al-Sharashif (Sheets, Damascus, 1997), al-Zill al-‘Ari (The Naked Shadow, Sanaa, 1998, and Beirut 1999), Harim A‘azzakum Allah (A Sanctuary God Endeared to You, Sanaa, 2000, and Cairo, 2001), Khitan Bilqis (The Queen of Sheba’s Circumcision, Sanaa, 2002), and Manara Sawda’ (A Black Minaret, Sanaa, 2004).  He also writes a regular newspaper column.

Mohammed Algharbi Amran was honored by Thamar University in Dhamar, Yemen, in 2008.  He has participated in many literary conferences in Arab countries and in Turkey, especially Sanaa’s festival for short stories and novels.





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