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Mohammad Hussain Mohammadi

Mohammad Hussain Mohammadi is a prose writer, literary scholar, and critic. He was born in Mazar-e Sharif but moved to Iran with his family at the age of seven. He recently returned to Afghanistan. Regarding his date of birth, Mohammadi writes: “My father says that I was born in 1354 [1975], it was midsummer. But in my identification card, they have written that I was 17 in 1375 [1996/1997], and in the refugee documents I had, they had written something else, and in my passport, another year… so I still don’t know when I was born; how many times can a man be born, really?” Mohammadi has written four short-story collections between 1999 and 2009. His second collection, The Red Figs of Mazar, was awarded the Golshiri Award in 2004. Mohammadi’s first novel, Sad, has just recently reached bookstores.

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