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Mojca Kumerdej

Image of Mojca Kumerdej

Mojca Kumerdej (b. 1964) holds a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Ljubljana and is an arts critic for major daily newspapers, reviewing art, literature, theater, and, especially, modern dance. Her first novel, Krst nad Triglavom (The Baptism Over Mount Triglav) is a revision and parody of one of the most important literary works in Slovenian literary history, Pre…eren's epic Krst pri Savici (The Baptism at The Savica, 1835). In her book Kumerdej transfigures, with wit and irony, a mythical story, lending it fantastic features. In her second book, Fragma, a collection of short stories, she analyzes relations between men and women with surgical precision. Her protagonists are people living in the grip of desire, which determines and at the same time overwhelms them. These daring stories are both cameos of Lacanian psychoanalysis and literary interrogations of sexuality and violence.


photo Joóe Suhadolnik

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