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Muhammad Umar Memon

Image of Muhammad Umar Memon

Photograph: Alain Désoulièrs.

Muhammad Umar Memon is emeritus professor of Urdu, Persian and Islamic Studies at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. His collection of short stories, Tareek Galee, appeared in 1989. He has translated widely from English and Arabic into Urdu and from Urdu into English. His translations from Urdu include The Essence of Camphor and Snake Catcher, both by Naiyer Masud, and several other collections of short stories, including The Tale of the Old Fisherman, The Colour of Nothingness, Domains of Fear and Desire and An Epic Unwritten. He is the general editor of the Pakistan Writers Series, OUP, Karachi, and also editor of the Annual of Urdu Studies.

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