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Murathan Mungan

Image of Murathan Mungan

One of the most prominent and prolific contemporary writers of Turkey, Murathan Mungan has published poetry, short stories, plays, novels, screenplays, radio plays, essays, film and theater criticism, and political columns. A selection of his poems were translated and published in Kurdish as Li Rojhilatê Dilê Min (In the East of my Heart). His works have also been translated into Bosnian, Bulgarian, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Persian and Swedish. Mungan's trilogy of plays, The Mesopotamian Trilogy, has enjoyed successful theater runs across the country. The last play of the trilogy, Deer Curses, was staged by the Arca Azzura Theater in Italy. His play As on the Page was published in English in Solum and Other plays from Turkey (Seagull, 2011) and his novella Evening Gown will be published by City Lights, USA. Among his latest publications are a novel, The Poet’s Novel and a play, The Kitchen.

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