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Does international literature make us better travelers? Four writers respond in our January opinion feature. Read it now.


Nikos Kachtitsis

Nikos Kachtitsis was born in 1926 in Greece and died in 1970. He spent a few years in Cameroon, Africa, eventually moved to Montreal, Canada, and returned to Greece the same year he died. He published articles in Greek newspapers and contributed to Greek literary journals. Some of his important works are: Vulnerable Point, a collection of poems in English (1949); short stories, "Which Friends" (1959); "The Ugly Beauty" (1960); "The Day Dream" (1960); and the novel, The Hero of Gandy (1967). Like many unappreciated authors in their own times, Kachtitsis has achieved a modicum of fame posthumously. His works echo those of Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Stendhal, Joseph Conrad, and Franz Kafka, to name but a few. None of his writing in Greek has been published in English thus far.

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