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Nironjini Pillay, Shagina Bhalan, Nadarajan Mudalier, & Mahendran Pillay

Nironjini Pillay

Nironjini Pillay’s parents are Straits-born Melakan. Her father is part of the Chetti Melaka community, while her mother has Chinese heritage. With her multi-ethnic background and as a Malaysian, Nironjini speaks more than three languages. Since her childhood, she has been actively involved in Chetti Melaka cultural activities like traditional dances, pantun, and Dondang Sayang, and has performed for numerous events organized in Malaysia. As a member of the Chetti Melaka community, she continues to preserve her culture and traditions. She works at an intellectual property firm in Kuala Lumpur.

Shagina Bhalan

Shagina Bhalan was born in Melaka to an Indian father and a Chetti Melaka mother. She is very fond of the arts and literature. She is also a practicioner of Bharatanatyam (an Indian classical dance form) and loves singing and cooking. She is currently a deputy principal at an international school in Kuala Lumpur.

Nadarajan Mudalier

Nadarajan Mudalier's father was a Chetti Melaka and his mother was a Chinese Peranakan Nyonya from Melaka. He has six siblings, and they use the Baba Malay language at home to communicate with each other. However, they switch to the Chetti Malay language when they mingle among the Chetti community. He has practiced Chetti Melaka traditions throughout his life, even during the time he was away from his village for almost forty years. Upon his retirement in 2013, after thirty-five years of service with Petronas Bhd, he returned to Melaka and served the Chetti Melaka community as a trustee of Chitty Melaka Temple.

Mahendran Pillay

Mahendran Pillay was born in Kampung Chetti, Melaka, in 1976. His parents are both Chetti Melaka, and like them, he is a Hindu. He met his soulmate in Kampung Chetti and married her in a traditional Melaka Chetti wedding. The couple is blessed with two children. He spends his free time helping the Chetti Melaka management with community work. He has also helped hundreds of university students (both local and overseas) with their theses and fieldwork. He loves writing pantun during his free time.

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