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Nishikawa Miwa

Nishikawa Miwa’s work has gained critical acclaim in Japan and abroad, following her debut film, Wild Berries, and her second film, Sway, which premiered at Cannes in 2006. The only Japanese film in Director’s Fortnigh, Sway was greeted with a resounding standing ovation. The film, a nuanced portrait of two brothers locked in a feud as old as Cain and Abel, explores human duplicity, the fabrication of memory, and family bonds in a stylish, original approach, captivating audiences. Released in the summer of 2006, Sway broke art house box office records in Japan and was showered with awards. Three years later, Nishikawa completed her new film, Dear Doctor. Once again turning her loving, ruthless gaze at the human condition, she celebrates the ambiguity, enigma, and vulnerability at the core of human drama. Set against the backdrop of Japan’s crippling lack of medical doctors, which results in the neglect of aging populations in remote villages, Dear Doctor tells an astonishingly original story about the human condition.

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