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Does international literature make us better travelers? Four writers respond in our January opinion feature. Read it now.


Noémi Lefebvre and Laurent Grappe

Noémi Lefebvre is the author of four novels published by Editions Verticales: L’autoportrait bleu (2009), L’état des sentiments à l’âge adulte (2012), L’enfance politique (2015), and Poétique de l’emploi (2018), of which Blue Self-Portrait was published in the UK in 2017 and in the US in 2018, and A Poetics of Work is forthcoming, both translated by Sophie Lewis. Lefebvre is also the author of La vie comme ça (2017), a workshop-text published by Joca-Seria. She writes short texts for her blog on Mediapart and creates videos with Laurent Grappe which are published on Youtube by Studio Doitsu. She is also a researcher and professor of social sciences. She focuses in various ways on the connections between art and politics.

Laurent Grappe is a composer of electro-acoustic music. He also creates sound installations and devises scores for dance, theater, and other performances. Founder of Studio Doitsu, he creates videos with Noémi Lefebvre from original texts and scores.​

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