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Osama Alomar

Osama Alomar is a Syrian poet and short story writer. He was born in Damascus in 1968. He has published three collections of short stories in Arabic: Ayuha al-insaan (O Man), Rabtat Lisaan (Tongue Tie), and Jami' al-huquq ghayr mahfuza (All Rights Not Reserved); and one volume of poetry, qaala insaan al' asir al hadith (Man Said the Modern World).  He is a regular contributor to various newspapers and journals in Syria and the Arab world, among them Tishrin, an-Nur, Spot Light, al-Halil, Adab wa Naqd, and al-Ghad.  A prominent practitioner of the Arabic “very short story” (al-qisa al-qasira jiddan), he is a past winner of the Najlaa Muharam Short Story Contest in Egypt (2007). His work has appeared on the BBC Arabic Service. In the U.S., he has been published by Noon, Conjunctions, the Coffin Factory, the Outlet (the blog of Electric Literature), and the Literary Review.

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